365 Project: Day 1 The Strider

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365 Project: Day 1 The Strider

For some years now I’ve thought about starting a 365 project. These things aren’t easy, and I’ve seen all too many of them fail to succeed. It’s hard to keep up with shooting and posting a photo every day, and many get backlogged and don’t end up finishing.
My idea with the 365 Project is in its purist sense possible – I want to take and post a photo every day. I am hoping to increase my technique and force myself to learn new techniques along the way.
I usually shoot my personal projects on film, so this is a good opportunity to shoot more in digital and incorporate photography more throughout my day.

Project 365: Day 1 The strider

A man walks past a tunnel next to a square in Nyon, Vaud, Switzerland.

This is the first day of my Project 365 and I’m feeling nervous but hopeful. There’s a long road ahead, but I’m anxious to share it with you.