Project 365 Day 16: Hammer City Records

I had read about Hammer City Records a year or so ago, so I was quite excited to come back to Hamilton and check it out. It’s a fantastic store, run by three people, Bret being one of them. I went in looking for a Joy Division record, but ended up finding a Warsaw bootleg that is fantastic. The experience is fantastic, listening and chit chatting, even with a Pabst to go quench my thirst. This is a must see, just off of James Street North on Robert Street. They even silk screen their own paper shopping bags!

Project 365 Day 14: Waterfall Love

Meet my lovely parents! Taking advantage of the mild couple of days right now in Hamilton, we headed up to Ancaster and did a waterfall hop, with a mandatory stop at Canterbury Hills. Back when I was doing weddings, this was a very popular destination for engagement shoots.

Project 365 Day 13: Mounted Salute

My first day of Project 365 in Hamilton features this mounted police officer saluting me with a friendly hello, sticking out his tongue in a goofy and joking way. Always good to be home, where the people and officers engage with you in a friendly manner.

Project 365 Day 12: In Transit

Transiting through Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport on a rainy day, just experienced one of the worst landings ever. What’s worse? Leaving Geneva behind on a gloriously sunny day. And Geneva today..

Project 365 Day 11: Protest the Hero

As I was walking across downtown Geneva today after work, I came across this group protesting against the Swiss-Israeli military collaboration at Tour de l’Île. They were asking those listening to perform certain actions throughout the week to let people know they were protesting.

Project 365 Day 9: Beach Baby

When you’re out tell your lucky one to know that you’ll leave. Riding through Geneva Lux, stopped by Île Rousseau to see one of the light exhibitions. As you walk through it and look up, you see little illuminated ribbons on bells floating in the sky. It’s not perfectly focused, but I can’t help love the emotion. And the song

365 Project Day 8: Unidentical Twins

With the autumn winding down and winter slowly installing itself in Suisse Romande, the tree leaves are changing colours and falling. I both love it, and hate it; the colours are beautiful as the leaves wither away, but it means the cold is slowly arriving. These two trees, although the same, it seems that one has given up and the other is plowing through it.

365 Project Day 7: Encontros e Despedidas

Today’s post is a dedication to my cousin Antonio who I said farewell to at the airport today after a week in Geneva. He was influential to my first week of this 365 Project, keeping me determined and focused and motivated to start this project in full force. Encontros e Despedidas means Meetings and Farewells in Portuguese. With this song my first week of this Photography 365 Project comes to an end. Although challenging, I am excited with it so far and am looking forward for the weeks to come.