365 Project Day 6: Light Me Up

Today’s post features two photos. With the cold arriving in Geneva, the thought of warming up starts to install itself in our minds. First a man sits on a patio outside of Le Phare in Geneva with a blanket over his shoulders and lights up a tobacco pipe with a match. And celebrating the Escalade at Plainpalais was Gaston, dressed up as a bunny in his warm furry costume. Isn’t he adorable?

365 Project: Day 1 The Strider

For some years now I’ve thought about starting a 365 project. These things aren’t easy, and I’ve seen all too many of them fail to succeed. It’s hard to keep up with shooting and posting a photo every day, and many get backlogged and don’t end up finishing. My idea with the 365 Project is in its purist sense possible – I want to take and post a photo every day. I am hoping to increase my technique and force myself to learn new techniques along the way. I usually shoot my personal projects on film, so this is a …

Zooming Through Town with Antonio

Through the small towns and busy streets of Europe, there is nothing like a good old fashioned Vespa to not only help you get from point A to point B quickly and easily, but to do so with style.