Project 365 Day 365: Capture Life

The Mercado do Bolhão has been about to close many times. With fewer and fewer customers, there are less sellers like this lady who sells local produce, often at a better value than the local supermarket. The lack of customers in an economic crisis is wearisome, as seen in this woman’s expression.

Project 365 Day 365: Mercado do Bolhão
A woman sells local produce at the Mercado do Bolhão in Porto.

And so we reach the last day of this photographic journey of my past year. What a ride!

This project has taught me a lot.

Perseverance. There were times where it got difficult. There were times where it seemed like there was no option but to quit or give up. There were many times where technology got in the way and proved difficult. There were many times where traveling blocked my IP and I had to overcome geographical barriers. There were many times when life got in the way of taking and/or posting a photo. There were many times where self-doubt would surge. But each time, I thought of the big picture and often found myself with emotional support from family and friends to continue and persevere.

Technique. I set out to be creative every single day for 365 days. I set out to take at least one photo I was proud of every day and post that photo that same day. I created a routine. The camera became a part of me, following me everywhere I went. I limited myself to use my one and only digital camera to perfect my technique and knowledge of my creative instrument. I limited myself to taking the photos in complete manual mode and have the camera become a part of my way of thinking. I developed my technique by focusing on the operational aspects of the art while working on the abstract by forcing myself to be creative every day.

Vision. I see myself looking at the world as a series of ephemeral moments that need to be captured. I confirm my inclination for documentary photography where I can connect with people and share their lives through the most expressive of mediums. I see that through the lens, I capture life.

Project 365 Day 365: Capture Life

A big thank you to all of you who have supported me in one way or another through this project.