Project 365 Day 74: Don't Forget to Flush
L'Elephant dans la Canette; a toilet in Geneva dedicated to Delirium beer.
La Galerie
La Galerie, Geneva is a spiritually artistic place, to compliment the gallery space.
La Petite Reine has one of the smallest toilets in Geneva, not good if you're claustrophobic.
L'Écurie is one of the only traditional French toilets in a public establishment still left in Geneva.
La Gravière, a shared space to contemplate the killer concert you just rocked to.
Le Zoo is an ever-evolving art piece, usually in theme with the concerts that are going on that particular month.
Le Makhno is where you can definitely express yourself and maybe even find your number markered into the wall.
La Relieure features a karaoke machine (an iMac) with an old-school microphone and headphones. Sitting here is recommended.